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      Spray Cooling Improves Cooling Procession of Profile Steel

      Spray cooling refers to the online controlled cooling of hot-rolled steel by atomizing water into mist with air with a certain pressure.


      Adoption of spray cooling in cooling bed can improve the cooling processing of steel profile 

      After the hot straightening of rolled pieces, the internal stress produced during the cooling procession could make the rolled pieces bend again. The saw blade cooling water could cause the bending deformation and surface corrosion and an undesirable outlook of products during the cold sawing and cut-to-length process.


      To lower the temperature of profile steel selected to the cooling bed, the method of rolling which permits the rolling mill to function normal within its accessible range and the method of adding draught fan under the cooling bed to lower the temperature. Both methods were taken into action, but the cooling range is small, unable to achieve the desired effect. Splash water cooling can easily cause lead to the web bend deformation and uneven cooling. But spray cooling can overcome the deficiencies existed in splash water cooling. Besides, it can solve the problem of insufficient capacity of cooling bed.



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